Slimming World Lets Beat Obesity, Dont Let It Beat Us!

By Ciarn Mcloughlin

Slimming World Lets Beat Obesity, Dont Let It Beat Us!

Slimming World has been a massive success in recent years and its generous eating plan makes slimming easier than you ever thought possible. Instead of telling you what you can and cant eat, Food Optimising puts you in control. You dont even need to worry about weighing your food, counting points or monitoring every mouthful its so liberating! And this, combined with their tried and tested weight loss support system, really is a recipe for success.

One such success story is local lady Naomi Ferris. Naomi is a Senior Consultant for Slimming World and has been running groups in Newry since January 2007. Naomi tells us The main thing we promise is that you can lose weight while enhancing your health through the healthier food choices, you’ll never be hungry due to the generosity of our plan, no food is banned at all and we provide a money back guarantee that you will lose weight with us when you follow our plan

Another lady certainly making her Sliming World classes a success is Rhonda. Rhonda tells us To me, Slimming World is the best diet plan I know of, its the only plan that has worked for me. It certainly doesnt feel like a diet, with such a wide variety of food to choose from, its everything in moderation. I myself have lost nearly 3st, and have managed to keep it off now for over a year

During classes, weight changes in group are discussed during Image Therapy sessions but no persons actual weight is ever disclosed. Naomi tells us We do not believe in any form of humiliation or making a member feel uncomfortable if they gain weight, ours is a caring, safe environment where members can chat about how they can cope with the week ahead. We support our members midweek too if they need a boost.

All groups are open to men and women as well as younger people from the ages of 11 years old to 15 years who can attend for free if accompanied by a fee paying adult. The main focus for the younger members is healthy eating rather than weight loss. The Slimming World plan is safe to follow whatever your medical condition or age and all recipes and menus are checked by leading nutritionalists to ensure everything is 100% accurate.

Local businesses are also supporting the Sliming World plan. There are several butchers around Newry who are doing syn free sausages, burgers, extra lean mince etc and have got certificates to say that certain products they produce are synfree. Bellini’s has a menu called ‘Naomi’s Choice’ the first menu in Newry city to offer people who want to get healthier or who want to lose wieght the option to pick a variety of meals to fulfill this wish. It has incorporated starters, mains and desserts so no one needs to miss out on any aspect of their meal. Naomi Ferris herself worked with the Head Chef Joe to make sure each dish has ingredients which will boost weight loss and be totally synfree on the Slimming World plan.


Also Cobbles in Newry are now doing a Healthy Options Menu, called Rhonda and Eileens choice, which means they themselves have choosen the food and ingredients for each meal, so that when youre out and about and feeling hungry, you can nip into Cobbles for your healthy meal. Rhonda believes this is a brilliant idea and wishes it had been ongoing whilst she herself was on her Slimming World journey!

Both ladies have some really exceptional members who have the confidence now to live their lives doing things they couldn’t have done while overweight. For anyone looking to loose weight, it is highly recommended that you give Slimming World a go. Go along to any one of the groups where you are sure to feel very welcome and see how it goes, with no obligation to join. Lets beat obesity, dont let it beat us!

Naomi runs the following classes:

Bellinis every Wednesday at 3.30pm, 5.30pm and 7.30pm

Bellinis every Thursday at 9.30am and 11.30am

Rhonda runs the following classes

Newry Foresters every Monday at 5.00pm and 7.00pm

Cobbles in Newry every Thursday 7.30pm

Carmel runs the following classes:

Cavern Bar every Tuesday at 5.00pm and 7.00pm

Mayobridge Community Centre every Thursday at 7.00pm

Aine runs the following classes:

Meigh Community Centre every Monday at 5.00pm and 7.00pm

Roisin runs the following classes;

Mourne Country every Monday at 5.00pm and 7.00pm

Mourne Country every Tuesday at 10.00am and 12.30pm

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