Teen Girl’s Rockin’ Pink, Punk Bedroom Design

By Alyssa Davis

When putting together a bedroom for a teen girl, it is probably a good idea to ask her what she would like included in the room, and in the case of a budding punk rocker, it may be a blast to put together a pink, punk bedroom. When assembling a punk bedroom, there are some simple guidelines to follow to help keep the design on track.

Making a Point in Pink

Pastel pink may be all right for princesses, but it certainly will not do for up and coming punk rockers. For this application pull in a smoking hot pink with a lot of attitude. This vibrant color works well in bedding and accessories, and it is particularly modern when paired with black and white.

Pink Walls


It may be tempting to paint the walls a vibrant pink, but this much hot pink in a room can simply be overwhelming. However, if the room is large enough, it may be possible to cover the walls in this bold color successfully. Make sure to use high quality paint and plan to apply at least two coats of paint to the walls. To break up the vast expanse of pink add dark gray stripes to the wall, or incorporate black accents in the bedroom design. For a smaller room, keep the walls a lighter color, and perhaps include a single focal wall in the bright pink. There are many different paint combinations that will work on the walls, so take into consideration the properties of the room, and what aspects you want to accentuate before beginning to paint.

Punk Patterns

Then remember that this is a punk room after all, so include punk rock motifs like skulls with crossbones. Punk is such a popular theme, this pattern can be found on many different accessories. There are specialty stores that sell all things punk, and music stores are also a good source of inspiration. Roses are another classic punk motif, and they can be worked into interesting graphics, especially when rendered in black and white. Also look for patterns like oversized plaid in black and pink or it may also be found in black and white. If the teen prefers big chunks of solid color, then choose solid pink or black linens for curtains and bedding.

Final Punk Touches

Next, it is time to bring in the accessories. This is where the owner of the bedroom can really help out. Find out what accessories she would like to include in the room, and have her help you select them. Whether the theme is skull and crossbones, roses or favorite album covers, you teen knows what she likes. Including her in this process makes the entire decorating job much easier. Then look for fun accessories like a pink lava lamp or rope lights to give the room a cool vibe. Remember, what a parent thinks is cool, and what a teen knows is cool may not be anywhere close to each other, so in this case defer to the teen.

While a parent may be wondering how to go about decorating a pink, punk room for a teen girl, remember that the answers are right there, in the teen. They know what they like, and the more input they have into the design of the bedroom, the more ownership they will have of their bedroom, which translates into less nagging to keep their room picked up.

About the Author: This article was written by Alyssa Davis of Metal-Wall-Art.com who specializes in creating uniquely stylish interiors with red metal wall sculptures and blue metal wall sculptures.

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