Why Edmonton Car Buyers Should Consider Choosing Ford Trucks

Why Edmonton Car-Buyers Should Consider Choosing Ford Trucks



When you re talking about trucks, you can t help but hear a mention of the most successful brand in this industry: Ford Motors. Ford trucks are by far the most successful ones in the market, and although the industry has recently slowed down, it is still a profitable division of Ford Motors. When you re looking for a truck to buy, Ford trucks should be at the top of your list.

Ford Motors started producing their line of trucks as far back as 1908. Back then, Henry Ford was already working hard to turn automobiles into a mainstream form of transportation. Earlier trucks were no more than huge engines with flatbeds; but by the 1940s, the industry boomed in earnest. After the release of Ford s F-series line in the 40s, the company introduced several improvements in its trucks and to this day is considered one of the best truck manufacturers in the world.

Ford trucks now make up around 50% of Ford s total revenue. Ford Motors continues to manufacture and sell trucks at a rate that is so far unmatched by any of its rivals. The F-series, which was mentioned above, has been the number one selling truck for decades, especially in North America.


Known as the working man truck, Ford trucks were designed primarily to haul stuff with the bed, while its powerful engine enabled it to transport towing boats or whatnot. Businesses also prefer Ford trucks because of the large space on the bed. A lot of families also prefer Ford trucks because of their reputation for durability and longevity.

The appeal of Ford trucks comes down to two things: durability and power. Imagine owning a car that is built strong and high off the ground, and can withstand just about anything you can throw at it. This is why you can buy

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dealers sell manufactured decades and still expect it to outlive you.


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has would also have a lot of specifications that would suit just about anyone. Ford s F-series models weigh about a quarter of a ton or more, yet they retain excellent fuel economy because of their powerful hybrid engines that pack quite a punch. Not a lot of manufacturers these days can boast that their trucks are both powerful and green.

A Ford truck is an investment, as it would probably live longer than your grandchildren, so go look at Ford

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has now. For more information, you can visit ford.com/new/trucks/ or trucks.about.com/od/fseriespasttopresent/tp/ford-trucks.htm.

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