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If you have recently visited a hospital, can you remember what the hospital staff wore? You probably remember the brightly colored loose fitting v-necked shirts and drawstring trousers they wore. These medical attires are popularly called scrubs and are standard issue hospital dressing in USA hospitals as well as in several UK hospitals.

Scrubs have a history dating back to the 60s and early 70s when surgeons got tired of straining their eyes in the all-white hospital environment which also required them to wear white clothing in line with cleanliness requirements. The white medical attires were discarded for solid green tunics and overalls which offered less eyes strains and were openly embraced by medical professionals. The tunic greens as they were popularly referred to, have been maintained as hospital authorized dressing. Hospitals usually go through several scrubs within a day owing to the nature of the work environment. This is why most hospitals are now buying wholesale scrubs sets.


Wholesale scrubs sets include v-necked short sleeved shirts and drawstring trousers and caps for surgeons usually worn when they are performing surgical procedures. At times hospitals may specify which jackets or warm up garments can be worn as part of the garment during cold conditions. Thermal shirts and warm-up jackets are commonly worn with the medical garments during the cold season. The garments are usually sold in varied designs and colors. Most hospitals attached to universities wear scrubs similar in color to the university logo. Hospitals however use the color aspect to distinguish between different staff members. Brightly colored scrubs are often worn by nurses while cleaners tend to wear darker shades. Surgeons have maintained the solid green scrubs and at times wear a dark blue shade which limits the amount of eye strain they experience in the all white surgical rooms. Some hospitals special order their own scrubs to include the hospital logo and some are more fitted and customized according to the hospitals specifications.

Scrubs are always in need because the hospital environment makes them highly susceptible to constant stains. Buying the medical attires in bulk ensures that there is always an extra pair for the staff members to quickly change into as requires. Hospitals require a certain amount of money to meet daily hospital requirements. This amount can either go up and down based on other unplanned hospital costs. Buying the medical attires in bulk helps the hospital save up on money which is extended towards daily functions. It is also a wise move to stock up on a product that is in constant demand. Just like the way hospitals stock up on drugs to avoid shortages is how they approach stocking up on scrubs.

Wholesale scrubs sets tend to come at cost reduced prices which is often a sales strategy used by sellers to increase sales. The hospitals buying the scrubs in bulk also benefit from bulk buying because they get to save a considerable amount of money which would have been spent if they were buying the garments in small quantities. Some sellers who offer wholesale scrubs sets may include added services like branding the garments with the hospital logo as an incentive to bulk buyers. This kind of incentive is very helpful to hospitals and it also helps them cut back on costs.

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