What Is Gastric Band Surgery Versus Gastric Bypass Surgery?

What Is Gastric Band Surgery Versus Gastric Bypass Surgery?


Paul Tobey

If you are finally tired of yo-yo dieting and have been suffering from overweight issues your entire life then you have probably looked into gastric bypass surgery.

While this may be an option for you, this article will discuss the difference between gastric bypass surgery and gastric banding.

Both procedures are permanent yet, you should know that gastric bypass surgery cannot be reversed while gastric banding is reversible.

Gastric bypass surgery is an invasive procedure which makes the stomach smaller so that you feel full faster than when your stomach was its original size. Also, it will cause some of your food to bypass the small intestine. When food bypasses this part of the small intestine it reduces the amount of food and nutrients that are absorbed into the system.

Gastric banding on the other hand, does the same thing except it is a band which is inserted through a laparoscopic procedure. This procedure could take as little as 20 min. and the patient is released the same day. Not so with gastric bypass. Gastric bypass is a much more invasive procedure and is done by making an incision in the abdomen.

Gastric banding can be reversed. It is a simple laparoscopic procedure in which the band is removed. However, most patients keep the band for life because, once it is removed the patient goes back in many cases to eating the way they used to eat, until full.

And, when the band is removed, the stomach goes back to its original size. That is why it is a permanent solution as long as the band remains in place. This type of procedure has become much more popular because it is less invasive and in many cases less expensive.

Some of the problems experienced with gastric bypass surgery are things like; stomach pouch problems, vomiting, hernia, kidney stones, gallstones and of course infection. These problems are much less severe with gastric banding if they occur at all.

Furthermore, gastric bypass surgery is a complex operation in which many areas of the abdomen are involved while laparoscopic band surgery is a much simpler operation and gives much lower risk.

Gastric bypass promotes rapid weight loss over a six-month period while gastric banding is a much more slow and steady weight loss which is much more healthy. The gastric band is adjusted over time for maximum success.

In the end, it\’s up to you to choose which procedure is best for you and I would highly recommend that you do further research.

One of the things that you might want to consider is your health insurance and how you will pay for your procedure.

In life there are few shortcuts. However, these types of procedures are definitely shortcuts and will get you to your ideal weight faster than anything else. You will be required to adopt good eating habits and good exercise habits however you will not be able to eat more than the procedure will allow you to.

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