Video details tortures by Saddam’s soldiers

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

A video provided by the American Enterprise Institute intends to show tortures committed by the soldiers of Saddam Hussein during his rule.

The film shows extremely graphic scenes and it is NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN. It depicts Iraqi soldiers singing and praising Saddam, beating prisoners and cutting prisoners’ fingers and hands off.

During Saddam Hussein’s regime, about a quarter of a million Iraqis were executed. Many individual Iraqis of all faiths and ethnicities were tortured and killed for real or perceived opposition to Iraq’s government. Torture during Saddam’s regime was characterized by: medical experiments, crucifixions, genital amputations, hot iron marking, tongue fixing with a nail, teeth extraction with pincers, public beheadings, etc.

The four minute video (27.4 MiB) can be downloaded from the AEI website.

This video was released in June 2004. Most of the American and international media didn’t show it until now, despite the fact that channels of mass communication regularly released Abu Ghraib’s torture photos.