Unsecured Small Business Loans Is Easier Today Than Before!

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By Wardell Brooks

When seeking funding for a small startup or pre existing business, sometimes the loan application process can be the most grueling part. Lenders make small business funding difficult due to the multi-dynamic risk small businesses pose. To ensure minimal risk to the lender, a number of requirements are incorporated into the lending procedure. Filling out an online application for a unsecured small business loan is easier today than ever before, especially through an online lender.

Today, more and more people are applying for loans online. From busness loan applications, home loan applications, to online car loan applications, the application process is simpler and easier online. The precarious part about filling out an online loan application is that the consequences of improper loan applications can be detrimental. Incomplete or incorrect loan applications can result in a denial of the loan request, or not getting approved for as much money as you may have hoped, even though you actually had the credentials and qualifications for your original loan request.

Generally, unsecured small business loans applications are fairly simple. As a trend, they are much simpler and easier to fill out than the paperwork at a traditional bank or lending institution. Many online lenders today boast one page applications. You simply fill out the fields online and once you submit it, the information is electronically retrieved by the lender Its that simple.


For those that are particularly intimidated by the loan application (and even those that arent), submitting a loan request online is not a bad idea. These web based lenders are efficient, have great loan programs, and are much easier to apply to than traditional lenders. Their paperwork is far shorter, and has an interactive help section in case you get confused. When you are filling out an unsecured small business loan application, as well as other loan products, sometimes one application filters through several lenders for a better chance of approval.

The most common measure of security taken by lending companies is to require collateral. This means the business loan request will be approved only if it can be secured against a home, vehicle, or other asset of value. In the event that the loan defaults, the lender can then recover its money due to the lien placed on this object.

Business plans are one if the most dreaded parts of the unsecured small business loan application process. These plans can be thick, detailed, and complicated. Often they require information that a small or startup business may not even have! The worst part is that completing a well done business plan does not guarantee loan approval.

The small business loan application process can also be made difficult by the imposition of restrictions on how the loan proceeds can be used. This takes away the borrowers freedom to use the funds as he or she may have seen fit. You can escape these hassles by using an online application for a unsecured small business loan.

The online loan application is easy to complete. Just fill in the fields and then click on submit, and the information is electronically sent to us. You will need only the most basic information to fill out our online application. This will include the amount of the loan you are seeking, and your basic contact information, such as your phone number, address, and email address. You will also be asked basic questions about whether or not you own your home, and what you believe your personal credit rating is. Basically, the process will be very similar to filling out an easy online credit card application.

Applying for a unsecured small business loan is easy, all the business owner need to do is just go on line and submit their loan details. Then the lenders will refer back to you with the loan decision in a few days.

About the Author: Wardell Brooks is a current unsecured small business start up loan analyst for America Funding Network at


He has been working in the financial sector for several years. His experience includes banking, mortgages, and sub prime lending.



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