Transforming Lives The Face Forward Way

Transforming Lives The Face Forward Way



Face Forward has been at the forefront in offering assistance to those who need reconstructive surgery especially those who are victims of violence. There is usually an annual gala whose aim is to raise funds to benefit such victims from time to time. The Face Forward gala usually attracts a lot of people, especially so many high profile persons and celebrities. Most of them are people who are either touched by the moving stories of those who have overcome the violence, or some of them are members of humanitarian groups in different parts of the world.

According to statistics, there is at least one in three women worldwide who has suffered the brunt of violence, either domestically or as a result of gang violence. This is a very grim report because what it means is that we have a lot of violence going on around us. Some of these, actually so many of such cases go unreported either because the persons injured are not aware of the full extent of their legal rights, or some are just afraid of being victimized further. Suffering in silence is not the best option, but most of such ladies usually end up keeping to themselves, and some staying in the dark for the rest of their lives. No one deserves such a fate.


It is also statistically correct to state that more than half of the murders and disfiguring incidents in so many metropolitan areas are as a result of gang crime. The victims therefore end up with no hope of proper care and assistance since some of the county systems are rather underfunded.

The most disturbing thing is that close to two thirds of all the domestic violence that are reported are usually classified as simple assaults. When this happens the victims usually only gets the chance of a representation in court with the accused getting a misdemeanor. You can only imagine how bad that is because such an action should warrant a felony. Whilst such are classified as simple assaults, the graveness of the situation speaks otherwise. More than half of the victims in such cases suffer several physical injuries and most are disfigured in parts of their bodies. When you compare the nature of the injuries or the trauma caused, you can associate these with 90% of all robberies, aggravated assault or rape incidents.

It is for such victims therefore that Face Forward comes through and offers a new lease of life, where none seemed possible.

Deborah Alessi-faceforwardla. org

believes that domestic violence is very serious matter in our society. There by,

face forward

she takes a step ahead in improving such issues with the help of her husband – Dr. David Alessi.

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