Top Five Of The Best Acne Remedy Options You Can Do At Home first rule of thumb you need to know when choosing the best acne remedy is how harsh it is. If you have to get a prescription from a doctor for the acne remedy, this is your first clue that it might be too strong for your skin or your stomach. Secondly, these types of remedies often have adverse side effects on your body, like giving you dry, intensely flaky skin and – ouch – more zits!1. Alcohol: Don’t EVER use alcohol to clean up your zits! Alcohol is too harsh on the skin, and it only strips the skin of all oils. It doesn’t actually take away your acne. When you strip your skin’s oils like this, both the bad oils and the good oils are taken away, making your skin work overtime to moisturize your skin, which, believe it or not, is necessary if you’re going to get rid of acne.2. Toothpaste: I’m not saying you should never use toothpaste, but if you must, use it in small amounts. Some ingredients in the toothpaste aren’t so helpful to the skin, and like alcohol, can simply strip your skin of necessary elements and leave it bare.3. Lemon juice: Lemon juice is a good alternative to some of the stronger astringents for acne, but you might want to tone it down with rose water or similar liquid, as it can sting your sensitive skin if you take it straight. Usually, you’ll want to use fresh lemon juice over the concentrate you get pre-bottled, but both will work.4. Aloe vera: Straight aloe vera juice and chilled aloe vera gel are both great ways to cool down the swelling of your acne and soothe the redness. It also has a cleansing effect on your skin as well, so it’s an all-around great acne remedy either way you look at it.5. Acne diet: What you eat can really have an impact on how much acne you have to deal with. The wrong foods can cause body acne all over, and too greasy of foods can make your face extra oily.