Tips To Become A Better Singer

Submitted by: Chris Chew

Do you know that most people can sing much better than they now can if they are willing to put in the work and determination to master good singing techniques. Yes, there is a lot of science pertaining to good singing and understanding the theories and practising with good vocal exercises can make you a very good singer.

Look, Mariah Carey can sing and reach 5 octaves and if you think she is capable of this feat because she is born with the talent, then you are way off the mark. Although she is very talented, her remarkable singing is the result of good singing techniques and correct vocal exercises.

So that means that if you want to become a good singer, all you have to do is to understand the singing dynamics and practise with the right vocal exercises and you can probably even become the next big superstar if you have the qualities of other star making factors.


So here are some tips on how you can sing better. First of all, you need concentration and focus when you are opening your mouth to sing. There are proper ways to open your mouth when you sing. If you do now have a singing teacher, go and find out how to open and shape your mouth when singing to get the most effective and pleasant voice. You will also want your voice and your lyric utterances to be audible and comprehensible and this can only be done with the proper mouth opening techniques.

Next, try to find vocal exercises to train your singing mechnisms and muscles. There are numerous singing exercises to develop different singing techniques such as exercises for voice flexibility, for broadening your vocal range, for developing good breathing techniques, for more powerful voices, for getting good vibratos and so on and so forth. All good singing teachers will have a wide repertoire of vocal exercises to train their students.

Developing good breathing techniques is one of the main fundamentals of being a good singer. Knowing when to breathe and how to breathe will help you very much in your voice control, voice fitness, holding notes and even hitting high notes. So start by developing good breathing techniques and once you have mastered it, then you may move on to other aspects of being a good singer.

Not many people know this and that include some professional singers too. Your posture plays a very important role in how your voice will sound like. Take for example if you stand at a tensed attention, can you expect your voice to come out soft and floating pleasantly? Of course not since your voice will sound all tensed up and your audience will feel very uncomfortable.

So always stand in an upright but relaxed position when you sing. When you are relaxed, your voice have more flexibility and you can even increase your range.

Most of all, if you are really serious about being a good singer, then you must find a good singing teacher. However, good vocal teachers can be very expensive and as such, you may look for interactive online singing lessons or instructional singing DVDs by these teachers which are much cheaper than hiring a teacher for one-on-one singing lessons.

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