The Methods Of Whitening The Teeth

Submitted by: Jason Scott Edworthy

Here we look at the different systems that will whiten the teeth and for anyone considering teeth whitening is a good place to start your research.

Essentially there are two ways of whitening the teeth. One system requires you to visit a professional and other is a do it yourself approach and whitening the teeth at home but within each of these options there are many methods and this is what we discuss in this article.

So each of the methods are:

DIY Whitening toothpaste

Many of the tooth paste brands will market their products as whiteners but i am not sure if they really work on deep staining which is the type that changes the colour of the teeth. A whitening gel that is placed and sits on the enamel for some time will open the pores and release staining but a quick brush in the morning and evening is not long enough for that to work. Some of more gritty pastes are useful to remove any surface staining but these tooth pastes should not be used all the time as they could erode the enamel.


DIY Whitening strips

These are like a tape which has a peroxide based gel residing in them which then sits on the surface of the teeth. Because the strips are so thin then they are quite comfortable when placed on the teeth. This is a low cost option for whitening and if used regularly will start to remove the staining.

DIY Whitening trays

The trays typically use a carbamide peroxide which will whiten the teeth without any pain to the gums or soft tissues in the mouth. Again like the strips these will offer a low cost way of whitening the teeth but requires ongoing usage for around 10-15 usages before a visible difference can be seen to the colour of the teeth. The trays are not quite as comfortable in the mouth as the strips and if used for around 2-40 minutes at a time the restriction you have on swallowing is normally not a big issue for this level of time.

Professional Bleaching trays

These types of trays require you to sleep in them for up to 14 nights and for many people this can be difficult as your sleep pattern can be effected. The trays use a hydrogen peroxide and this will work well and whiten the teeth including the stubborn staining we see on the bottom teeth caused typically by liquid staining like teas, coffee, red wine and cola to name but a few. The trays are more expensive because they are made by the dentists but can be used in the future to re-whiten the teeth so long term offer quite good value for money.

Professional Power whitening

This is one of the most popular ways to whiten the teeth as it so fast and requires no customer effort at all unlike the bleaching trays. You walk in with stained teeth and an hour later walk out with whiter teeth so this makes it a tempting proposition for people when looking at the options. Yes it is more expensive than the home kits but success rates are higher with Power whitening.


Whatever system you select to whiten the teeth always see your dentists first and god luck with whatever you choose.

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