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Submitted by: Jennifer Van Varick

Ever since childhood, I have had a tremendous passion for stringing beads into whimsical and fun pieces of jewelry. I used to string anything that could be strung into something resembling jewelry – seashells, seeds, buttons and of course, beads. Ever expanding my growing curiosity to create, it now has matured into a passion that I strive to share with anyone who shows an interest. Through this, I grew a desire to somehow earn enough money creating my jewelry in order to purchase more beads that s where Sweet Tooth Beads was born. I have created a wide array of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, each one unique and special.

Starting off in local craft shows and often wrapped up as gifts, each one of my creations fueling my interest in opening my own online boutique. Enough people have enthusiastically encouraged me to go through with it and now with a professional and experienced web designer to take care of the technical end of my dream, I have finally launched

. Slowly the orders have rolled in, each one often with an encouraging word and positive feedback. So far, I have saved each of those emails or cards, and often refer back to them to nurture my love of beading and to keep my dream of expanding my special business fresh and alive.

Some of my most special pieces are those inspired by events of my own life. Motherhood led to the creation of my elegant child name bracelets. Each is carefully crafted with the world’s best crystals from Swarovski and the finest sterling silver letters, beads and clasps. I truly wish each piece to be as beautiful and special as the children they represent. My first name bracelet was created for me to constantly feel the names of my children beautifully represented by these beads, jingle on my arm every time I would move my wrist. Other girlfriends and relatives of mine would admire them, and soon I would find myself creating these name bracelets for them or for others to enjoy. It s a fun and pretty way to further enjoy having children in our lives!


It’s everywhere! On television shows, in magazines, and it may even be in your own home. Eating disorders. Our society today glamorizes the troubled thin women suffering inside. Take the first step yourself and let everyone know that each woman is, and should be, different and beautiful in her own original self.

My personal struggle with an eating disorder and my appreciation to those who gave me my own tools to travel my road to recovery inspired me to created a special bracelet.

It took me years to come up with just the right design to emulate that absolute true awareness that women are indeed individuals and beautiful in their own self. Even whilst I was at the lowest point in my life, both mentally and physically, I strung these beads for relaxation and enjoyment. I knew I wanted to use this special gift of mine to share with other suffering women my growing sense of self and belief that we, as women, are extraordinary.

I was treated for my eating disorder at the Renfrew Center in Philadelphia, and while I was there, I met other women who inspired me to create this bracelet. Just like these Swarovski crystals, which are known worldwide for their quality and splendor, these women represented extreme intelligence and the utmost inner beauty to me more than I could ever imagine.

My Eating Disorders Awareness Bracelet showcases that very belief and proudly bears my personal symbol of rebirth and recovery, the butterfly. Each exquisite Swarovski crystal is unique on the bracelet featuring a sterling silver butterfly charm and heart clasp to bring it all together. Now, I proudly give 25% of my proceeds from the sales of my Eating Disorder Awareness bracelet or necklace to the Renfrew Center.

I want to share with the world my extreme passion for creating unique and exquisite pieces of jewelry for women to decorate and celebrate their miraculous selves. As a new mother and also a survivor of an eating disorder, I now want to live my dream of jewelry making and represent proudly to my children what it means to pursue your dream and do what truly makes you happy inside.

Celebrate your individuality!

About the Author: Jen Van Varick

Sweet Tooth Beads Unique Beaded Jewelry

At SweetToothBeads, 25% of the proceeds for each EDA jewelry piece sold will proudly be donated to the Renfrew Center for Eating Disorders.


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