How To Create A Good Relationship With A Family Dentist

How To Create A Good Relationship With A Family Dentist


Katlyn Bryant

A good family dentist could work on multiple generations over the course of many decades. It is essential to establish a good relationship once a professional who fits the needs of the family has been found. Maintaining a good relationship will mean that there is trust between the person in the chair and the doctor. This will help during uncertain times and could even reduce the anxiety some family members might have about visiting a dental office. There are several ways to start to build a good relationship with a family dentist.

Ask Questions

A very good way to start to build the trust that is needed for a good relationship is to ask questions when something seems unclear, uncertain or confusing. Doctors who work in the dental field are often very happy to explain exactly what is happening with the gums or teeth. They can also provide very detailed explanations about what might occur if a problem goes untreated. Asking questions shows a curiosity about the dental practice and about personal dental care.


Provide Feedback

Communication between the doctor and the patient should go both ways. The doctor will provide care instructions and advice that will prevent problems in the future. Patients should also provide constructive or informational feedback about the advice or service that is provided. Feedback will help a dental professional to understand how personal recovery is progressing and how the larger practice is performing. This creates a more open line of communication. A doctor who is used to receiving feedback from a family is more likely to listen and to make adjustments in the future.

Trust The Professionals

Part of a good relationship with a dental professional involves trust. The patient trusts the skill, knowledge and experience of the doctor. This should translate directly into following the instructions that are given during each session. Second-guessing a doctor or simply ignoring instructions will create apathy since nothing that is said will be applied outside of the clinic. Following instructions should be done even if there seems to be no point. Asking questions will help to build trust. Doctors have much better relationships with families who value and follow the advice that is given during appointments.

Regular Appointments

One of the only ways to build a good relationship with a dentist is to schedule regular appointments for checkups and cleanings. Seeing a doctor once every few years is not only bad for oral health but is bad for relations with the practice. Larger families should consider spacing out appointments for each person over the course of the entire year. This will prevent the practice from being overrun for one or two days and will provide everyone with an opportunity to stay in touch with the doctor.

Connect Through Social Media

It is best to stay connected with a dental practice online. Remaining informed about changes, new staff and issues within the industry will make patients more aware of what is going on professionally during appointments. Using social media websites to keep up with the doctor also works to maintain the relationships in the months between appointments.

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