Have Stamped Concrete Patterns In Your Compound

By Pete Malcolm

Many houses have bricks or pavers in their driveways or on their pathways. One can choose to be unique and use stamped concrete patterns instead. This is a new idea that is becoming so popular. It started in California before it spread to other parts of the world.

The method makes a plain surface to look very beautiful. It is an easy thing to achieve as long as one has a decorator that is familiar with the art. The designs are pressed into the ground with cookie like cutters before they can form a pattern. This means that one can choose the type of design that they would like to have done for them.

This work needs to be done by a professional so that it will be well reinforced and it will not crack. If the surface is solid, it will ensure that no weeds will grow around it. There are times when the surface is poorly done and weeds get a chance to grow between the cracks. The surface gives one the chance to enjoy a clean surface with no extra labor.


The process of fixing the surface is not something that can be done by family and friends, it needs an experienced crew. Working with cement is a craft that will need a person who knows what they are doing. There are special tools that are needed to make sure that the job will be done right. The person will decorate the surface by adding colors and patterns.

The surface should be at least four inches thick and the color should be added either after it has been laid or during the mixing process. There are two type of coloring. This includes the broadcasting method, which is done by adding color all across the surface. The other method is known as the integral method where a release agent is applied first that allows the texture to come off without the surface coming up.

Sometimes a broom will be used to spread the mixture, a mat will then be used to make very beautiful designs and produce a unique look. For the cement that is a bit old, then acid will be used and then the cement will be allowed to dry for twenty four hours. This allows the cement to dry well and to reduce the chances of it cracking. A release agent is finally used to release the pressure and the surface will be washed and a seal will be applied.

When the stamping technique was introduced it could not made to be very deep because the builders thought that the surface would crack. Cement is one of the most durable materials but if the work is poorly done it will not last long. To avoid all this, all that will need to be done is to have a good mix of the cement.

Stamped concrete patterns are best done by specialists who will best understand the best mix that will work. These people will know what materials to use so that there will be no problems after the job has been done.

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