Good Reasons To Choose Laminate Kitchen Benchtops


There are plenty of kitchens that genuinely need a full renovation, there are just as many kitchens where the cabinets are still in excellent condition but the benchtop has seen better days. It is not difficult to recreate the original beauty of your kitchen by simply replacing the tops and perhaps the hardware.


There are numerous options for kitchen benchtops, from high end stone direct from a quarry to manmade stone using resin binders, real wood, concrete and perhaps the most common; budget friendly laminates. If the reasons you are considering new benchtops is because the old laminate surfaces are totally worn, don’t worry; times have changed. There are plenty of reasons to replace your old tops with new laminate tops.

  • Low maintenance and easy to keep clean: If your current benchtops go way back to the days of tile, you know how hard it has been to keep the grout clean and sanitary. When you replace tile with laminate you can throw away the scrub brush; all you need is a sponge, warm water and a household cleanser. Cleaning them is simple and there is no need to seal the surfaces which is the case with stone.
  • Easy on the budget: There is no doubt that laminate benchtops win the price war. It is easy for granite to be five or six times more expensive although with a laminate top you do have to be a little more careful and avoid placing extremely hot pots and pans on the surface.
  • Stylish: Laminate benchtops from Kitchen Shack look great. They are available in a host of exciting colours, designs and finishes. Regardless of the existing colour or finish of your kitchen cabinets and the style of the backsplash, there is a laminated top that is ideal.

Laminate benchtops are a great way to recreate the beauty of your kitchen, they are low maintenance, easy to keep clean and because they don’t weigh near as much as stone and other alternatives, you don’t have to reinforce the cabinets to carry excessive weight.