Giant Breasts Cause Physical And Emotional Pain

Giant Breasts Cause Physical And Emotional Pain


Jonathan Castrie

The number one performed cosmetic surgery procedure in the world for women is breast augmentation surgery. That basic fact reveals the reality that most women want larger, firmer breasts. The age range of women seeking breast implants is extreme: teenage women to women in their sixties are all purchasing breast augmentation surgery. While the majority of these women are happy with their implants, some of them insist on getting their implants removed as quickly as possible. Why would they want to have their implants removed? The answer to that question is an easy one: gigantic breasts aren’t all they’re cracked up to be!

Gigantic breasts take a physical and emotional toll on their owners. They are the catalyst for chronic back and neck pain as well as daily emotional stress. What people don’t realize is the excess breast weight pulls on a woman’s neck and lower back twenty four hours a day. If you’re considering purchasing gigantic breast implants, you might want to hang a twenty five pound weight off your neck and see how much you appreciate dealing with it for a full day. Small, petite framed women would have an even more difficult time lugging the excess weight around. You might change your mind about getting jumbo breast implants after suffering through a full day with a heavy weight hanging off your neck!


Large breasted women often suffer from emotional distress. Regardless of where you’re from, large breasted women are often stereotyped as sex objects by men while other women are often jealous and envious. For women with jumbo breasts, dealing with snide comments and tacky jokes all day long is a normal part of life. However, it gets tougher to ignore negative comments and jokes when they come from your own friends and family. Believe it or not, some of the more emotionally distressing comments come from friends and family that think they’re poking harmless fun.

Do you ever go outside and kick a soccer ball around? Maybe you play basketball with friends on the weekends? Or perhaps you like to run a few miles a day at your local park? For a woman, athletic activities of any sort become increasingly difficult in direct correlation with the size of her breasts. The extra weight causes early fatigue and sometimes pain. Any sport that requires participants to sprint or run for extended lengths of time is very difficult for women that have been blessed with abnormally large breasts.

If you’re struggling with the day to day, negative effects associated with having large breasts, there is a solution. The solution for jumbo breasts is a breast reduction procedure. The goal of breast reduction surgery is to dramatically reduce a woman’s breast size by cutting out excess fat and glandular tissue from the breasts. Excess skin will also be removed. Breast size can be reduced significantly with the surgery; when a woman wakes up from her breast reduction surgery, she will immediately feel the difference in the size of her chest. Women who undergo breast reduction surgery are often the happiest of all breast enhancement surgery patients because they immediately feel a positive change in their life.

Any competent breast enhancement specialist can perform the procedure. You should try to find a surgeon that is board certified and has extensive experience in breast reduction. Additionally, it’s recommended that you join online user groups and forums that discuss plastic surgery procedures. You will find women on those forums that have already experienced the type of plastic surgery you might be considering. You would be well advised to discuss your surgery intentions with them and get their honest, unbiased opinions. A good starting point for finding a surgeon would be to visit the American Society of Plastic Surgeon’s website and perform a surgeon search through their online database.

While breast augmentation surgery is not covered by medical insurance, breast reduction surgery is often covered. The reason why is because the surgery is considered preventive. Women that have lived with gigantic breasts for many years often suffer back and neck complications as a result. Thus, breast reduction is a form of preventive medicine.

Are you interested in reducing your breast size? If so, then you should speak with a licensed plastic surgeon that specializes in breast reduction surgery. Contact a local plastic surgeon today and schedule your initial consultation.

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Giant Breasts Cause Physical And Emotional Pain