Facing The Insurance Company With An Injury Lawyer On Your Side

byAlma Abell

Dealing with a personal injury can be difficult. A person’s life can get turned upside down after a scary car accident or slip and fall. The process of going doctors and dealing with medical bills and lost wages can be a bit overwhelming. One of the biggest hurdles practically every injured person faces is the insurance company. Let’s take a look at factors you should focus on when dealing with them.


Accident and injury cases typically involve much more than just the physical injuries you’ve sustained or the property that’s been damaged. Two terms that come to mind are pain and suffering. These terms go beyond the physical and address the emotional and psychological damage that’s been made. Although it’s hard to measure just how much emotional damage a person has sustained, being able to articulate this will be important when facing the insurance company with an Injury Lawyer.

Insurance companies prepare for claims that include pain and suffering. In fact, practically all insurance companies have precise ways to calculate how much compensation a victim should receive for their injuries. For instance, insurance companies . Are you able to continue living a normal life after your accident, or are you suffering from severe anxiety and depression that’s preventing you from living as you did before? The details of your pain and suffering are vital for compensation.

Knowing when and how to negotiate will be important if you want the compensation you deserve. Most insurance companies will provide you with a settlement amount, but this amount often isn’t anywhere near what you deserve. Don’t make the mistake of accepting the initial settlement amount. Some insurance companies may lead you to believe that this initial amount is as much as they’ll offer. On the contrary, this amount is merely an “offer” and you and your Injury Lawyer can counter that offer if you’d like. Take into account the property that’s been damaged, the physical injuries you’ve sustained, and the mental suffering you’ve experienced as well.

If your insurance company insists on playing hard ball, or you feel you can’t negotiate the way you should, it might be best to get someone who can. Chappell Howard E Attorney At Law has the skills to battle face-to-face with the insurance company.