Entertaining With Confidence

Submitted by: Danielle Brooks

At some point in life, one has to entertain guests at home, or at a gathering of friends that may not even be in one s own domestic setting. Lacking skills to actually mingle with the crowd is not an excuse, and one really should go out there and try their hand at entertaining to boost self confidence.

Possibly the biggest emphasis that must be given to any party is the planning, as this can make or break the success of any given occasion. Many unplanned parties have succeeded, but many have disastrous results as well.

Party planning does not have to be all that complicated or hard on the host or hostess. In fact, most professional events coordinators or planners will agree that it is best to keep things simple to avoid the stress during any party or event. If one is not a professional coordinator and actually wants to enjoy and be a part of the party he or she planned, then it is best to just keep things simple, otherwise it may end up worse than previously expected.


In line with keeping things simple, one should always take into consideration one s overall budget for this party. Renting a venue may be more costly and less practical than just having this party at home, unless this is a large occasion where one needs a larger floor area. For larger community parties, it is a good idea to find out if any local businesses are willing to sponsor a venue for public use.

If it seems more appropriate and cost friendly, buy items on wholesale, especially grocery items and other party supplies. This makes for big savings on one s overall party budget, leaving room for the additional extra expenses that may or may not crop up along the way.

Part of the planning would be to have a list of guests that will be attending so that one has a basic idea how many people one can handle. Sometimes it is appropriate to limit the number of guests just so that one can be sure to be able to entertain well, rather than to be forced to sit back and watch the party go out of hand.

One factor that makes a party entertaining is the presence of friends, and no matter how large a party may get, as long as these friends are there then there is sure to be good conversation. Any stranger who walks into a place where people are having a good time is sure to be welcomed and made to feel quite at home.

Last but definitely not the least, the most important factors of all is the food. Good food does not necessarily mean gourmet or fancy food, but can include grandma s favorite recipe that has been passed down over the generations. For the budget conscious, it may be practical to make the party a potluck type of party where every guest brings in his or her latest or greatest recipe. The very essence of having good food at a party is also an icebreaker for the newer visitors who may otherwise feel uncomfortable in strange surroundings.

Just keep in mind that any party requires the host or hostess to be at their best, and in order to keep things stress free, fewer complications mean fewer worries. Entertaining with confidence and ease will encourage communication and an overall comfortable experience.

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