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The word vacation can get people very excited. Just thinking about it fills people with thoughts of fun times in interesting destinations. In today’s world, just about any place on the planet can be a place to visit. The only difficult part is deciding where to go when you travel. Maybe you like to visit big cities. Or maybe you prefer the great outdoors. Or perhaps you like to combine the two somehow. Whatever your preferences, there is a perfect place for you. Here we will talk about a few places that are sure to provide you with a lifetime of memories.

When you think of Bali, you probably think of something exotic. This Indonesian island has a broad geographic spectrum. Visitors are treated to white and black sand beaches, coral reefs and beautiful mountains. And Bali has plenty of attractions to go along with the natural beauty. When you visit, be sure to check out the famous temples on the island like the Besakih, Uluwatu temples and Tanah Lot.

If you find yourself in the Swiss Alps, one place not to miss is Zermatt. It is the village that surrounds the most recognizable mountain of all the Alps – The Matterhorn. From here you can take advantage of rail or cable car facilities to get you to one the mountain’s summits. In fact, one cable car service can take you to an altitude of almost 3900 exhilarating meters.


If you are thinking of Japan, you should consider Tokyo. A stop by the Imperial Palace is a must-see. Similar to the British, the Japanese take the monarchy seriously. That is why the palace is complete with beautiful architecture and gardens. On New Years Day as well as the Emperor’s birthday, visitors are allowed to go inside the palace.

Art lovers will adore the Louvre and all its grandeur. The museum is the most visited in the world with an average of 15,000 people a day. Inside the Louvre Palace you can admire works from artists like Rembrandt, Raphael and Titian. And of course you can set your eyes upon the Mona Lisa.

You do not have to be a veteran of World War Two to be overtaken with emotion when visiting the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial in Colleville-sur-Mer, France. Spread out over 170 acres, it is the final resting place of almost 9400 Americans who sacrificed everything during the initial invasion of Normandy and its related subsequent campaigns. Each headstone is impeccably white and rests atop immaculately maintained grounds.

Rome, Italy is a popular destination choice. This is probably because there is so much to see and do. If you like to eat, you will likely be finding yourself in one or more trattoria, osteria, or ristorante. After your delicious meal, maybe you can stop by St. Peter’s Square and enter the Basilica. Its interior is larger than that of any other Christian church. And while there, you will be able to see some works by Michelangelo.

Whatever your travel plans, there will always be something that suits your fancy. Maybe it will be a string of museums or palaces. Perhaps it will be a beautiful beach. In any case, all you need to do is look closely and you are bound to find something that will give you a lifetime of memories.

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