Cleaning Wheels The Stress Free Way

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When it comes to your vehicle s appearance, clean wheels really speak volume about how clean your car is. When you allow dust, particularly brake dust to sit on your wheels for a long period of time, it can eat into the coating and make holes in the metal. This automatically takes away the general look and health of your car. The good news is that wheels can be preserved through regular cleaning.

How you clean your car wheels determines their durability

Cleaning agents can affect your car adversely if they are corrosive, if you do not have the recommended cleaning agents then use just soap and water. Always remove all the oil and grease from your wheels immediately using a dry towel.

Here are the basic requirements:

Tire and wheel brush


wheel cleane


pH neutralize

microfiber cloths

wheel sealant

tire conditione

wheel sponge

The Procedure:

Rinse large debris from your wheels then spray your wheel cleaner from the bottom of the wheels upward. Spraying from the bottom up reduces the chance of etching caused by dripping chemicals. Spray the tires too, as most wheel cleansers are perfectly safe to be used on your tires. A thick, gel-type wheel cleaner is recommended as it will hold its position, stopping it from running off before you can get to cleaning.

Using a tire brush rather than a sponge, scrub the tires in a circular motion to remove dirt, grime, and grease.

If you use a gel-based wheel cleaner, start scrubbing the wheels from outside in with a flag-tipped wheel brush with mildly firm bristles. Start cleaning from outside in to trap the dirt.

Re-spray wheel cleaner wherever there is brake dust build up, especially hubs and spokes. Then use your wheel sponge to get an up-close clean. Repeat the process until all debris is removed.

Rinse your wheels and tires to remove suds, soap, and loosened grime. When rinsing, ensure that you remove all chemicals along with the loose contaminants that may still be sitting inside your rims.

Spray an exterior pH neutralizer on the surfaces to rid the surface of any excess chemicals from the wheels and tires. Wipe dry with a microfiber cloth.

Spray your wheel sealant directly on the rims, but ensure you do not overspray onto rotors or brake pads. By doing so, you will be keeping your wheels cleaner for longer, eventually lessening the load for the next time you need to clean them.

Finally, condition your wheels. Conditioning rejuvenates the rubber surface.

Apply a tire conditioner to the tires uniformly. Allow the conditioner to sit for a while and then wipe excess off using a cloth. It is advisable to use a conditioner and not a dressing because tire dressing simply goes on the surface while conditioner is absorbed into the rubber surface. This rejuvenates and protects the tires.

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Your wheels and tires take some serious day to day abuse, and it shows. With the right cleaning products, you can give your wheels a new look. Here is how to do it the stress free way.

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