Best Features Of A Great Blu Ray Player

By Adriana J Noton

To get the best blu ray player for your money, the best thing to do is to know the qualities and features of a great blu-ray player. Comparisons such as price and features are important. Even some of smaller digital companies can produce outstanding players for a decent price. You just have to know what to look for before you buy.

So, what makes a quality blu-ray player? One attractive quality is compatibility. Most blu-ray players are backwards compatible. This means they can play DVD’s, DVD-R/RW’s, and CD-R/RW’s. But, there are those that are built to only play blu-ray and HD-DVD. Make sure you read about the player thoroughly before purchasing.

If you are unable to find any compatibility information on the player’s box, check the company website. Look for the technical specs on the player’s company website. The compatibility information is generally housed there. Even then, if you still have problems, find a forum with information contained about the player in question. Sometimes, online reviews in regards to specific players also have this pertinent information that many consumers look for.


There are some other fun features of a quality blu-ray player. The primary feature of a blu-ray player is the encoding. Some players are equipped with processors that deliver high quality playback features. This means that the chipset within the player can encode and output stunning pictures, with little hesitation, on your screen. Other features include internet access, recording blu-ray DVD’s and playing videos from a memory card or USB flash drive.

Popular video rental sites have made blu-ray players more attractive. These sites offer movies for rent in blu-ray and for instant viewing on an HDTV. Because of this, people find they can record their favorite streamed movies onto their blu-ray player. The recording feature is yet another quality that an exceptional player would be equipped with. Be sure to check the player you’re interested in to see if it offers this feature.

HDMI inputs on a quality blu-ray player are important. This output will allow you to connect your player to a surround sound system should you have one. A high audio decode, like 7.1 channel system will give you the best sounds when watching a video or movie.

Size may or may not be an issue to some people. Most blu-ray players are a little bigger than a DVD player. However, there have been new releases of smaller and even portable blu-ray players. It is primarily preference and often space. Look for a player that is a bit more compact if space is an issue. You may have to sacrifice some of the features, like extra HDMI ports, but it’s not too big of a loss.

Reading blogs, articles and blu ray player reviews can begin your search when trying to find the best blu-ray player for your money. Always cross check a blog and review with the player in choice. Customer reviews on a player’s website will also help with your decision and choice.

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