5 Of The Best Apps For Long Distance Dating}

Submitted by: Alex Reddle

Thanks to technology, long-distance dating isnt just possible its easy, and more popular than ever. That is, if you have these 5 apps.

They say long-distance relationships never work but thats before we had modern technology. Your soul mate isnt guaranteed to live on your side of the globe, and some of the most fun people youll ever meet could be a few cities over. If you dont want to invest in a move or cast off that relationship as a lost cause, then all you need are the right apps to make sure your long-distance dating is a success.

Want to feel your boyfriends heartbeat? Miss late-night sketching sessions with your girl? Want to bring back date-night even if theres an ocean in between you? Here are the best apps to make it happen, no matter where you live.

1. Couples

Couples is an app that lets you create your own chat room for texting, talking, or hanging out through a video feed, so you can enjoy all the perks of Facebook but all the privacy of a one-on-one meet-up. But dating is about more than sharing photos or texting. Thats not what really makes a relationship dazzling. If youre feeling creative, you can take advantage of their drawing feature, which allows you and bae sketch at the same time on the same page. The Thumbkiss features also lets couples press their fingers to a certain place on the screen so the other can feel the vibration transmitted digitally through the phone, as if they were kissing skin from across the world.

2. TheIceBreak

If the relationship is still fresh, making long-distance dating work is much harder than if youve been star-struck with each other for years. You dont have that foundation yet, and learning about another person only through text isnt a fraction as successful. Thats where TheIceBreak comes in. Not only a reliable messenger, the app suggests new topics to keep the conversation flowing, and prompts you to ask questions so you can learn more about your date. If youre not good with texting or run dry on conversation when youre not face-to-face, dont worry that itll stifle the romance; TheIceBreak will keep you on track until your next meet-up.

3. Apple Watch Digital Touch

Whether youre the gushy type or not, being able to feel the closeness of another human being is soothing to the soul. If youre in a more committed relationship and are used to late night cuddles during Netflix, losing that connection can be like losing a limb. The Apple Watch Digital Touch takes the edge off, allowing you to record your heartbeat on your Apple Watch via pressing your fingers to the screen for a certain amount of time. This is then transmitted to your significant other no matter where they are in the world, and the wearable will vibrate so they can literally feel your heartbeat. During those lonely nights or a hard day at work, that rhythmic beat is what keeps couples close.

4. LokLok

Nothings quite like waking up to a good morning kiss from someone you love, or receiving a little gift when the day is going bad for you. Thats not easy with distance, but LokLok gives you the next best thing all that, on your lock screen. By using this app, you can draw and color a picture or message to your significant other, and then have it sent to their lock screen. When they open it in the morning or check it on their break, the first thing theyll see is an encouraging I love you, or a picture that makes them laugh. You can think of it like passing notes or whispering in their ear, just from afar.

5. Skype

Of course this list would be nothing without the fan favorite Skype. Whether youre better at text, gauge every relationship on the inflections of someones voice, or want a face-to-face meet-up without an expensive plane ticket, you can virtually communicate with your date or significant other in every way imaginable. So long as your connection speed holds out, you can almost forget the distance between you. As an added bonus, the mobile Skype app lets you connect over your phone at any time, so those lunch dates? They dont have to end when one of you leaves town. You can adjust the settings for any language, so Latino chat, German chat, Chinese chat, and so on is easy.

Nothing compares to dating face-to-face or being able to reach out and touch your loved one, but if distance has come between you two, you can still have the next best thing. These apps will let you stay in touch, learn more about each other, and be there when it really counts, keeping the relationship strong until distance is no longer a problem.

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